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I’ll be teaching MUS 367 at Emory University this semester.  We will be focused on MAX/MSP and its integration with Ableton Live.  Check out where students will be posting their

for soprano, flute, mandolin, violin, piano, percussion, and electronics - DeBoer, Beetz, Avital, Fusi, Mitchell, Donahue Download the score to part 1. soundscape music festival 2008 attention 6a only les

three short pieces for processed guitars. thurst by ajcolella thriceLearned by ajcolella theSS by ajcolella

I’ll be playing viola with Janelle Monae (and the ArchOrchestra)!  We will begin co-headlining with Bruno Mars on the Hooligans in Wondaland Tour, head to Europe for a festival circuit,

These short pieces (written Feb – Dec 08) were performed by both Adam Matthes and John Graham. John Graham’s performance with electronics and a pleasant review. Download the score. Viola

Shotgun Showdown (Chris and I with Blair MacIntyre) on CNN December 31 2010:    

LOLC accepted to NIME!  

Chris Ehsaei and I developed this game using an early version of the Qualcomm Augmented Reality Plugin for Unity3D. Most of the other games for this platform required large image

invadeRemix for the iPad – video coming soon! I developed invadeRemix in Febuary 2011 using openframeworks and FMOD. motIvation Most video games allow the user to interact with the environment

great game.     also reminds me of this